Monday, August 22, 2011


I went to a concert at Emmanuel College UQ yesterday.  My outing nearly ended before it began - parking is IMPOSSIBLE, and the place is confusing.  But a spot opened up magically, so I figured it was meant to be...
Well, the combined sound of the Fusion Vocal Ensemble was just beautiful.  20 clear, pure voices, with none outshining the others.  The singers moved to various spots around the chapel for different pieces.  At one stage a male singer was about a metre behind me, and I tell you, feeling the resonance as those sound waves move towards you is amazing.
The golden rule is that the best concerts are those where you are already familiar with at least some of the program.  In this case every piece was new to me, but it didn't matter.  The selection and progression of music was thoughtful and coherent, and I have found new composers to enjoy.

A really wonderful experience.

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