Sunday, September 26, 2010


Late Friday I headed to Boonah for another Getaway Girls Weekend.  When I arrived, the others were just finishing their dinner, and someone had kept a serving warm for me - lovely!
I didn't do much that evening, but Saturday morning I went shopping at Maynards and found the perfect white on white fabric to finish a quilt top.
As usual on Saturday night we went out for dinner - the Dougandan Pub is just outside of town and has a great menu
I had the seafood basket which was really yummy.
On Sunday morning I went for a walk.  I would love to capture the rainbow in a dewdrop - but this will have to do
This butterfly posed for me very nicely


  1. Lovely blue and white quilt


  2. My goodness - where have I seen that quilt! You are so quick getting that all posted - it was a great weekend!

  3. Love the quilt top and the white on white ... and honouring things in my life! Must head into Maynards myself in the next few days .... long overdue. Hope to catch up soon - remember Tarome is only 20 minutes from Boonah ... big hug.