Saturday, September 12, 2009

Writer's Festival

Yesterday was a picture perfect day in Brisbane - unbelievable blue, cloudless skies and wonderful weather.
First off - a stick-to-your ribs breakfast of hash browns, baked beans, bacon, mushrooms, egg...mmmmmmm
Then it was time for a day at the Writer's Festival. There are heaps of sessions to choose from - too many in fact, and lots of overlaps, so one person can't really do it all.

The sessions I went to covered surveys (how to get to the truth of what people are really thinking, why are we so hung up on surveys and quizzes); the female libido and whether there are differences between "mating in captivity" and "mating in the wild"; cooking; and "Creativity - Art or Science".

More than 28,000 will attend this long weekend of thought provoking, challenging, and funny events. Highly recommended!

I had a break at lunch time and strolled across the bridge to town where I sat and enjoyed free entertainment.
A perfect day.

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  1. It is wonderful to read about all the things you are up too. I wish I would take myself off in to Birsbane and surrounds to discover.

    ust do it.
    Thank you for all the tips to get myself moving on with stuff