Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2QAQ Farewell

You've all been on Committees - right? Dull and boring, can't wait to leave - right? Well, when Sue Dennis is in charge, things are different.
L to R - Sue, Jane, Ros, Lexie, me, Suzanne, Mel, Kathryn.

Admittedly, this was a special photo as it was my last meeting with these lovely ladies - and the wine was VERY special (thanks so much Sue - it was yummy!!)
BUT - even at regular meetings there was wine and catch-up chit chat before the serious work began.

And work there was. A year's program to plan, a first-ever juried art quilt exhibition to organise, lots and lots of work.

I got so much out of being part of the team and learning from them - it was quite humbling at times. Still, it was time to go. They surprised me with this wonderful piece that they all worked on
- how special is that?
Making time to stitch and create for someone is a real gift.
Thank you ladies.

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